Tuesday, 28 June 2011

.We Belong In the Gutter Singing.

.blah blah job hunting blah blah blah. there is nothing more soul destroying than filling in all the shoddy jobs you've worked and all the repetitive shit about what makes you stand out OVER AND OVER AGAIN. also i think it's very hard to 'sell yourself' without sounding like a massive dick. "haw haw my names Tarquin and i'm ruddy brilliant guffawww". when i am rich and famous and run my own design agency, it's going to be like Sugar Ape offices in Nathan Barley. Well, maybe not quite like that, but i certainly wont hire people based on their cv.
First they will be asked to come prepared with biscuits. The standard of the biscuits will be the first indication of whether they are the 'right sort of person' to work for me. Party biscuits are a thumbs up, Digestives are a thumbs down. Dead Fly biscuits (garibaldi) are borderline. I think that's a perfectly sensible way to run a business. Actually my design agency is begining to sound more like Doug Rockets office. hmm. Maybe there's a reason people actually request CVs.
Anyway, did a little doodle and that. I was listening to some Ash and thinking about when i was young *sigh*. Now i am just HAGGARD. my skin looks like some ravaged landscape. except less poetic. Perhaps i should colour coordinate more like i did when i was a teenager. or dye my hair candyfloss again.
.I could say something educated and well thought out about the catch 22 of agencies looking for people with 2 years experience, and how they think you gain this magical 2year figure when no one will hire graduates, but to be frank, i'm a bit tired and very hungry. i've had a week of over the top wii fit-ing (no, really) and i think my body thinks it's going to starve to death unless i inhale a bar of dairy milk each evening.

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