Tuesday, 28 June 2011

.Nobody Knows But I've Got Boss Powers.

wozers two posts in one day, i must have lots of important things like cleaning the house to do.... hmm. anyway a couple of years ago i had a big thing about making modern versions of traditional tattoos. i love sailor jerry and 40s/50s dockers tattoos, but as someone whose experiences of boating are mostly running riot on the Mersey Ferry when the trains are off, they're not always terribly relevant to me. i think i might revisit this, and did a bit of a doodle while i was thinking about it. If i take these further i'll hand draw them and ink them up with a bit of collage for good luck.
.also i've been listening to Dick Limerick Academy all day. you can download two of their albums off http://dicklimerickacademy.bandcamp.com/ although i will admit, you might not appreciate it if you're not a scouser.

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