Saturday, 11 June 2011

.Devine Comedy.

.So I have loved Tatty Devine for over 5 years now, that's like more than half a decade! After fawning over their wares for some time, my dear friend Christine and I made a deal to buy each other a name necklace for our respective 'big' birthdays. For her 21st i got Christine hers with a star, in the quality sweet mirrored purple, and for my 18th she gave me a gorgeous hot pink 'Zoe' with a heart. Since then i have rammed my jewellery box with beautiful things, like the enamel swallow earrings, the Tate 'Artstar' necklace and the trapeze necklace which are among my top faves. Now i have taken another step to owning their entire store, and bought a lucky dip box. I love my prizes so much i did a little pic to show you just how cute my stuff is :)

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  1. What a lovely illustration! Looks like you bagged some amazing statement jewellery