Tuesday, 31 May 2011

.Horry Potter and the Philosopher's Schlong.

.What do you get a girl for her very most special 20th birthday? You knit her a Harry Potter make-up bag of course. I don't know what else you would expect?

Friday, 20 May 2011

.Won't Fool the Children of the Revolution.

.My littlest nephew Solomon is a little over 2 now, and it's time for him to get out there and earn his keep. He's quite taken with the building trade so i've made him a little business card so he can start drumming up trade.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

.Wild Horses, Couldn't Drag Me Away.

.just a little drawing from another animation in the same series. this is the punchline of the short, if i get it rendered in time i might put it up. but anyway, i quite like the picture, so here goes. also i applied for a job today at the tate. i really really really want it. but we shall see what happens i guess :(.

Friday, 13 May 2011

.Empire State of Mind.

Well the imbeciles at blogger have yet to reinstate my previous post (it's not over yet) and i am beginning to think it will never return. but here, have a little pic of the empire state building for your troubles. it's a piece from an animation i'm frantically trying to do before my assessments on monday, which themselves have been screwed up by the useless turd that runs reprographics being on the sick. i am a bucket of ire these days.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

.It's Not Over, Not Over, Not Over, Yet.

.and it will never be over.... well, in fact uni might as well be over on Monday when the assessments for my ENTIRE DEGREE begin. oh shit on it. i've been in uni for 10 1/2 hours today and i feel braindead, but i will get some relentless and carry on. i've got so much to do and only 3 days to do it in. WHY DO I DO IT TO MYSELFFFFFFF. anyway i didn't just come here to whinge. i also wanted to pop up some end papers i made today for a little book about jam. i could put the rest of the book up but i can't really be arsed etc.etc.etc. but in reality the endpapers are possibly the nicest thing about it. i might just go into making wallpaper. cos i'd love this as a wallpaper. in the kitchen, with bright orange and pink units. and black tiles and worktops. (yes, i've been reading home improvement magazines today, and no, i don't have any taste).

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

.Universally Speaking I Win in the Long Run.

.Another day, another television based doodle. I have nothing else in my life, I am a lonely old hag that has nothing better to do than watch tv and eat mexican food. I understand why Van Gogh cut off his ear. He didn't even have Wonders of the Universe.