Monday, 24 January 2011

It's a Catch-22 cos the cure is found in you.

.Been working on a colour cover and 4 black and white illustrations for Joseph Heller's AMAZING novel Catch-22. The book is based on an island off the coast of italy during the second world war and features a company of American bombers. The main character, Yossarian wants to be discharged but because he is 'sane' enough to realise he is losing his mind, he is ineligible however no one can be sent home for medical reasons unless they themselves ask. The book focus on this and other paradoxes, and is genuinely one of my favourite books. So much so, it even overcomes my bigotry towards American authors. Anyways still got a shitload of work to do so back to the grindstone it is...

Friday, 7 January 2011

Riding a Sled Down the Hillside, Hillside.

.Well it's been a while, i should be doing more working harder etc.etc.etc. but there's been enough shittyness in my life of recent to make me fall back on getting wasted and getting really fucking wasted. but anyway at least i put a bit of effort in for christmas. the family that crafts together, stays together, and while my beautiful cousin Helen produced some delish quince jam (now who wants to breakfast with me!) and the gorgeous Rachael made me a bookbag out of the most amazing vintage fabric, i cobbled together some hot water bottle covers.
.In fact, speaking of Rachael, you should all go and have a look at some amazing paintings she has been working on with Jack Lowe Studio. They're for a very special project and are looking fantastic>>>>