Tuesday, 19 April 2011


.100% not safe for work, or children. This is just a little doodle i did for my friend Dan, of him and his 3 favourite ladies, Daisy Steiner, Twist and Marsha (Spaced). I'm so crude.

Monday, 18 April 2011

.The Only Way is Essex.

.like, oh my god honey, all i've done today really is like, watch towie cos i had like two episodes to catch up on. well want to go faces tonight babes.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

.Here's a Letter for You, but the Words get Confused.

.Well well well, there's not be any drawing or cutting & sticking to talk about today, but if you are observant you will see my profile picture has changed a little bit, in accordance with my new lavender/grey fringe. It's a little bit like when Rogue from X Men gets old and decides to have a granny rinse. Anyway the main reason for this ramble is so you can follow me on twitter! The beautiful, talented, amazing (etc.) @AmyLestrange encouraged me into this tweeting thingy yesterday so i'm gonna give it a go, at least until i start telling people about my bowel functions, then i'll have to reassess. Anyway get over there and follow me http://www.twitter.com/therealZoeYeah. Also just to say, i know 'thereal' is a bit full of myself but some silly bitch has already taken zoeyeah just to fuck with my head and talk about prom. eurgh.