Tuesday, 12 April 2011

.Here's a Letter for You, but the Words get Confused.

.Well well well, there's not be any drawing or cutting & sticking to talk about today, but if you are observant you will see my profile picture has changed a little bit, in accordance with my new lavender/grey fringe. It's a little bit like when Rogue from X Men gets old and decides to have a granny rinse. Anyway the main reason for this ramble is so you can follow me on twitter! The beautiful, talented, amazing (etc.) @AmyLestrange encouraged me into this tweeting thingy yesterday so i'm gonna give it a go, at least until i start telling people about my bowel functions, then i'll have to reassess. Anyway get over there and follow me http://www.twitter.com/therealZoeYeah. Also just to say, i know 'thereal' is a bit full of myself but some silly bitch has already taken zoeyeah just to fuck with my head and talk about prom. eurgh.

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