Friday, 3 September 2010

.Trophy Wifey.

Two posts in one day, yeah? The surprises are endless! Anyway been in a riot grrl mood this arvo so a bit of Partyline for the title ( of this loverly little post of a few illustrations from my Housewife's Handbook. I'm not very good at collage, but as i'm not very good at drawing either, it seemed like the better option.

.These Girls from Birkenhead, They Have a Wire Loose Inside Their Head.

So, I've realised quite what a bad blog momma i am, so in lieu of new shiny art work, here's a book of print i made about the fabulous BirkenVegas...
There is a mixture of drawing, linoprint, monoprint, screen printing and a bit of collage along the way.

er time for a little confession, ^this is actually St. Lukes in Liverpool. Shhh.
some of the prints, like this one are almost indiscernible, but i like the grebbyness. very vegas.