Friday, 23 September 2011

. a long time ago.

.despite my constant bitching about the trials and tribulations of having to be an adult, i still manage to do doodles like this. actually i've been looking at type for about 3 hours while working on a little project for my niece's christening, so i felt the need to do something with a bit more hand eye coordination. i very drunkedly promised to draw my housemate dan a picture of him as princess Leia seducing jabba the hut if he came home (he is currently in the country with a poorly foot). Unfortunately he is still not home, but i did a wee scrawl anyway, in the hope it will remind him how much he loves living with us.

Monday, 19 September 2011

.Hello, I Love You.

.oh hi. just so you know i'm still here, and i'm still alive. i'm just busy. unfortunately, not so much in the 'i've got so much work to do and i'm raking it in' but more like the mundane business of trying to be a functioning human being. but i have done some nice things, like going to Jaggedart Gallery in Marylebone to see an exhibition featuring my cousin Rachael Clewlow and her boy Nick Kennedy. They're both extremely talented, and it was really good to see their work in a gallery environment. The exhibition has finished now but you have have a look at some of the work that was on show here.
Other exciting things that are happening in my life are we finally got real internet. real, high speed, working, broadband. it's a miracle, although i did spend about 72 hours just catching up on american tv. I'm getting a bit fed up of my hair and am contemplating a Nicola Roberts pink toned ginger, circa 2008. Cons are that i would have to strip my hair, bleach it, and only then dye it. Pros are it would be easier to cover up my exponentially expanding grey hair, and i might look slightly less like a angry scouse. We shall see. Anyway i'm so obsessed with my own face i've done another doodle of myself. but with a fucking awful background that i managed to drop in and save in by accident. i do like the texture on the leather tho, so swings and round a bouts.