Sunday, 30 October 2011

Graveyard Smash

It's Halloween weekend(!) my favourite event of the year. I love all things horror and goffting so Halloween is the perfect mix for me. Oh and i really love a bit of craft and fancy dress so seriously, most fun for me. I started Halloween a bit early this week as i made a skull pinata for my friend Sylwia's party. Yesterday my housemate Fearghal, who is a very talented fashion designer, and i watched horror films and carved pumpkins for the party, of course drinking heavily and getting ready for the party.
I also went on to my friend and fellow illustrator Quim's party and am now faced with having to attempt to detangle my hair with is backcombed, crimped and hairsprayed within a inch of it's life. I didn't even use normal hairspray like Elnet that can be brushed out, i used Tigi Catwalk stuff which is like vapourised superglue. I think i might have to shave my head.
A while ago Cornelia O'Donovan a printmaker and illustrator who was an artist in residence at my university told me that when she was in an art funk, she got herself out of it by doing a sketchbook a day. I'm not going that craycray but i am trying to do a bit more sketching and doodling, hense the Bride of Frankenstein scratching. I love the styling of the film, and my costume this year was inspired by it. Oh and i'm knitting a ridiculously complicated cardigan, which i might have finished in like 8 winters time GAH. Yet i still have time to watch an entire season of NCIS in one day, hmmmm. Amazing me.

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