Wednesday, 27 July 2011

.You Drive Me Crazy.

.Well, long time no speaky. aside from general mania, my laptop again decided to ruin my life by self destructing. this time the hard drive went, and i lost everything, which, of course, i hadn't backed up.
.More importantly, my dole has been sorted out so as well as job hunting i can now properly hunt for an internship, as the lovely government are going to keep subsidising me as long as i continue to hound design agencies around london with my cv, portfolio, cover notes and dna samples.
.hmm other news, I'm working on a few bits that might lead to some work or jobs. I'm not particulary hopeful but it's good to be in the running for things, and in reality it's a lot better to be working on proper briefs, than just 'doing pretty pictures'. Anyway here's a doodle i did while working on one of these. As you can see, I am still in a pastel mood. I don't think i have anything else to waffle on about.

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